This project was, by far, one of my favorites. I was given a cosmetic bottle and was challenged to create a new brand that would be based on the use of this kind of bottle. 
"For this project, I wanted to create a super shimmery suntan lotion set that would look good on the person wearing it while protecting their skin and the environment. There are chemicals in many sunscreens/tanning lotions that will pollute the water and that actually lead to coral bleaching; my goal is to create an organic lotion that would be safe for people and the environment. It features crushed pearls, kelp, coconut oil, and other key ingredients for the perfect shimmery lotion. For the design concept, I was inspired to create pin-up mermaids to represent the brand. I wanted to create a nautical, yet modern, feel to the overall design of the packaging and brand. 
This lotion set contains an SPF 20 suntan lotion that is water resistant up to 80 minutes. The user should put the lotion on 15 minutes prior to sun exposure so you can protect your skin and shimmer in the sun too! The second bottle is an after sun lotion to put on after you're done outside. This lotion will moisturize the skin and you can shimmer through the evening.
This product is targeted to mainly women between the ages of 15 to 35 who love being outside especially at the beach and tanning. It also is targeted toward individuals who feel strongly about helping and protecting the environment, needs an organic lotion for sensitive skin, and/or prefer organic and cruelty free products."
This project combined design, illustration, sculpture, digital printing, 3-D printing, and sewing skills.
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