My name is Casey Capece and I design stuff, illustrate things, take instant photos, and set type.
Coming from a small town in Carroll County, Maryland, I have engrossed myself in some form of art since pre-school. Since graduating with a BFA in Graphic Design from Pennsylvania College of Art and Design, I have worked in corporate graphic design settings, including the legal and finance industries. Meanwhile, I also freelance for various clients, including designing for galleries, boutique legal firms, non-profits, and events and weddings. Shortly after joining the full-time workforce, I decided that I was not finished with my education and embarked on a journey to earn my MFA in Communication Design through Kutztown University in 2019.
While graphic design is the focus of my career, art and design extend beyond my 9-5 job and into my personal life through continuously trying new mediums and using my tabletop letterpress. In addition, I often travel to new places, whether a new city, state, country, campsite or hiking trail - I love to explore and experience cultures beyond my own through food, drink, art, and architecture.
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